Facts about Illegal Immigration

According to the opponents of illegal immigration, illegals steal jobs from Americans, over-crowd our schools without contributing to the tax-base and over-crowd our hospital emergency rooms without contributing to the tax-base. And that any amnesty for illegals will create a 'magnet' for more illegals to follow.

Let's look at the facts.
Firstly, America IS the magnet and people will come here legally or illegally, if they can and in any way that they can,whether we like it or not. So the first step is to secure our borders so we can control who enters the USA.

Secondly, if we are so anal about immigrants, why do we GIVE AWAY 55,000 Green-cards each year in a lottery where the only requirement is that the beneficiary have a clean bill of health and no criminal backgound? Each year we give Green-cards to lottery winners from places like Ethiopia, Somalia, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Serbia, Slovakia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kazakstan, Kosovo and Kyrgystan. We don't ask whether these people speak English. We don't ask whether these people have skills needed by America. We don't ask whether these people will come here with an investment or whether they will come here simply for the free schooling and free emergency-room facilities. And each green-card awarded in the lottery is for the whole family. Interestingly enough, citizens of countries like Canada, Great Britain, Mexico and Peru are excluded from the Diversity Lottery. So, taking an average family of 5, that's 275,000 more people coming to the USA. And in just a few short years, these people will be entitled to bring their families to join them.

Additionally, each year we grant over a million Green-cards to foreigners, more than 90-percent of which are issued on humanitarian and family-re-unification grounds, again without establishing what these people can contribute to the American Economy. Less than 10-percent of Green-cards are granted on economic grounds. And similarly, these new permanent residents will soon enjoy citizenship and the right to sponsor their families to join them in this land of milk and honey. So let's add another 4 to 5 million new arrivals each year.

The bottom line is that we just love GIVING away permanent residence Green-cards for non-economic reasons but get seriously pissed at people who come here illegally for economic reasons. And just for openers, have you ever met an 'undocumented / illegal' immigrant who is unemployed? Perhaps the very fact that this person was willing to take the risk to come to the USA illegally shows an unusual aspect of entrepreneurial spirit and fortitude and a determination to survive and earn a living at any cost.

Thirdly, it is an old axiom that 'possession is nine-tenths of the law'. It should be remembered that the 12-million-odd illegals ARE HERE, exactly where they want to be. And while we might debate the matter at length, it does not change the fact that these people are here. They know that it is simply not physically possible to identify, round up and deport 12-million people, even assuming we know who they are, where they are and most importantly where they came from - anything less and we will be trying to convince places like Mexico that it should bear the burden of the 12-million illegals that America does not want, even if Mexico deems them not to be nationals of Mexico.

Thus, like it or not, the sooner we accept that the undocumented / illegals are here to stay, the sooner we can start thinking rationally and logically with our heads rather than emotionally with our hearts. We need to figure out how to integrate these people into the US economy rather than waste time on marginallizing them while we figure out a solution to the impossible task of getting rid of them.


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