From the desk of Bruce Stewart

That the US immigration position is in need of some repair is in little doubt. Yet lawmakers have yet to even acknowldge that legal immigration is a growing disaster. Or come up with a single proposal for resolving the problem of illegal immigration.

Newt Gingrich was slammed for even suggesting that illegals who have been here for 25 years should be granted some amnesty. Which will obviously ensure that EVERY illegal in the USA will claim to have been here for 25 years or more, a claim that will be hard to dispute in the absense of a border-crossing entry record.

And Mitt Romney wants to resettle 12 million illegals, assuming he can figure out how to resettle someone who may not have a passport, who may be using an alias and who may not 'remember' which country he came from.

Immigration is a political hot potato and will most likely not be addressed in an election year, other than as a soap-box for political diatribe. But hopefully this Blog will foster some degree of rational dialog.

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