In the Shadows of the DMV

When I was a child I had a friend who would rather destroy his toys than let me play with them. So I got my own toys and besides finding that MY toys gave me more pleasure than playing with Willy's toys, I soon found that I didn't really need his friendship either.

The N.C. DMV has just stopped me from renewing my NC Drivers License. Not because I'm a bad driver, not because I've broken any traffic laws, not because my vehicle is a road-hazzard and not because I have failed to pay my taxes. Quite the opposite - the DMV has denied me a driving license because after 10 years of living legally in the USA, owning my own home and successful business, my visa has expired and I have joined the ranks of illegal immigrants in this country. And the law says that illegal immigrants are not allowed to have drivers licenses. What my legal status has to do with my driving privileges, your guess is as good as mine. And so while I wait for my Private Bill HR 3505 (to grant me permanent residence in the USA) to be voted upon by Congress, my vehicles will remain parked in my garage.

My new status as a disallowed driver initially appeared to be a disaster, until I considered the hidden benefits of having "my own toys" : 

  • Not having to insure my vehicles is going to save me $1800 a year (based on 2011 actuals).
  • Not having to fill my vehicle's gas tanks is going to save me $4500 a year (based on 2011 actuals).
  • Not being able to drive to the store for my business and home supplies means I will now have to shop online, being able to select the best prices nationwide, cheaper than buying in Charlotte NC, and I won't have to pay 7.25 percent Sales Tax if I buy from out-of-state vendors.
  • And if I actually sell my fully-paid-for vehicles I should clear about $25000

And to keep me mobile, my $1300 49cc 40mph 120mpg $4 per tank-of-gas scooter does not require to be licensed or registered for road-usage and I do not require a drivers license to legally drive this scooter on public roads. So when you are stuck behind me in traffic, bear in mind that 40mph is the best I can do. Just relax. And reflect.

Bit silly isn't it?

Through no fault but its own, America has porous borders and 12 million illegal immigrants living here - sorry - 12 million and 3 now. These people are de facto permanent residents of the USA. So rather than fixing the border-controls and legalizing the 12 million de facto illegals, we set out to spite them - denying them bank-accounts, denying them drivers licenses, denying them vehicle finance, denying them vehicle insurance, denying them housing finance, denying them education, denying them pretty much everything - marginalizing them and keeping them in the shadows. Encouraging them to be creative and to find alternative solutions.

Who is the REAL loser here?


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