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Petitioner Testimonials

"Bruce, It is my pleasure to sign your petition!  You are a great asset and enabler to our military community.  During my tour as the Director of the Regional Intelligence Training Center at Camp Lejeune, I observed your lecture/training methods and found them superb!  I get requests almost weekly for another iteration of your training; that speaks volumes about you and your program.  If I can ever be of service to you or your family, contact me!" - Ben A. Torman, Regional Intelligence Training Center-East, Marine Corps Intelligence Schools, Camp Lejeune, NC 28540

"Dear Congresswoman Myrick, I am writing to ask for help regarding the immigration status of the Stewart family. Bruce Stewart is originally from South Africa and came to this country and started a very successful business teaching speed reading to the military and NASA. We came to know the Stewarts through their son Michael who is best friends with our own teenage son. Michael and his sister are both exceptional students and leaders in their schools. The Stewarts are our neighbors and friends. They have made numerous contributions to Charlotte and we feel that it is in the interest of our community that they be allowed to remain in the United States." Sincerely, Dr. Stephen Colucciello, MD, Head : ER, Carolinas Medical Center, Charlotte, NC

"I'm writing to thank you for agreeing to see Dianne and Bruce Stewart next week, regarding their immigration status. I have known the family over 4 years - both in business and personally - and they are tremendous assets to our Charlotte community and beyond, with Bruce's work with our Defense Dept. Please consider helping them to stay here legally - it's a travesty that Immigration has botched the handling of their situation. They give us more than they "take" and will be greatly missed in many areas if not allowed to stay. Thank you for listening to them next week. Steve and I continue to support your work in Washington and hope that you'll be able to help this family stay here - where they belong." Steve & Marsha P., Charlotte, NC

"I am writing in support of the Stewart family, originally from South Africa, who are scheduled to meet with you this coming Tuesday, November 15th. My wife, Elsa, is from South Africa, and became an American citizen in 2006. Elsa is a friend of Dianne Stewart and her family and has the highest regard for them. They are a moral, industrious, good Christian family who have worked hard to build a life and future for their family in America. They are very community minded and represent the best qualities of immigrants who have made our country great. We do not have a deep understanding of the legal or policy issues which impede their ability to remain in the USA and fully assimilate. Anything you can do to assist them to remain here and work toward ultimate citizenship would be greatly appreciated." Peter & Elsa S., Charlotte, NC

"Congresswoman Myrick: Thank you for granting the Stewarts an appoinment to discuss their immigration issue. It gives my husband Peter and I hope that something will be done to address the disservice done to many immigrants who are here legally, creating jobs and productive in many ways in the community, upholding the law, honoring the constitution and contributing in a big way to America's well-being. We are from Canada and have to renew our papers in the hope that we will be able to stay in Spenser TN. If not, on April 15, 2012 we will have to go back to Canada. We have invested almost $1 million over the past 11 years despite the fact that we may have to leave it all behind if we are not granted renewed visas. There are many in America who are here legally and who have to go through hoops to stay here. This is the reason why you have so many here illegally. They would rather live here illegally until they get caught than have to put up with the horrific red tape to ask permission. In the end, who gets persecuted? The righteous ones like the Stewarts. Please help them." Rachelle and Peter Talbot, Spencer, TN

"It is because of people like you that this world becomes a fair and just place to co-exist. You and your family are in my prayers." Helen P., Charlotte, NC

This video was made by a young man who we have never met, so he could share our story.
Thank you Zach Gearwar in Vermont for doing this for us!
[John Luke, you should be very proud of your son.]

"Dr. Stewart, I would like to express my personal gratitude for what you have done for myself and my fellow Marines, both from 2nd Intelligence Battalion and the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit.  The skills that we learned in the classes you have led here at Camp Lejeune have helped improve the analysts capabilities and myself improve my technical knowledge in our rapidly expanding fields.  I signed your petition, as we all know that losing your services would result in a noticeable degradation of future generations' efficiency and ability to gather information.  I also viewed the news segment that Fox News Channel broadcast regarding your situation, and I believe they didn't do justice to your value to our nation's military and intelligence services.  I wish you the best in your fight, and I hope that we will not have to experience the loss of your expert instruction and the skills which it brings." - Semper Fidelis, M.M. USMC

"Richard Burr admitted in responses to those of us that petitioned him that he would not consider helping this family. DO NOT VOTE FOR HIM NEXT TIME HE COMES UP FOR ELECTION." - Deanna Valeo, Charlotte, NC

"We still cannot believe what has happened to your family with Immigration.  I'm so embarrassed that our country has done this to you.  It's such a disgrace in light of the "free pass" that most illegal immigrants get."  Janis L.. Charlotte, NC

"Really!! This is still going on? I know you invested your life in the US but for this to be happening you might be better off leaving.  It is a sign that the US is looking for unproductive people who are interested in dragging down the US rather than helping to educate the US. You have single-handedly taught more people to read better and faster than most schools in the US." - Sheila J.

"Dr. Bruce - Please know you have Michelle's and my total support in this matter.  It's unconscionable what  the government is trying to do.  Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to stop this injustice." - Susan C.

"I just wanted to let you know that my wife and I have both signed the petition to keep you and your beautiful family in the United States. I truly hope that our signatures assist in your plight. I am looking at orders to transfer to Ft Bragg soon and if that's the case I would love to take you to lunch sometime as a show of appreciation for the knowledge and information management skills training that you gave me. Take care of yourself, keep us informed on your situation, and good luck!" - Nathaniel W.

"I've signed your petition and I would like you to know that you and your family are in my prayers.  Keep fighting!" - Victor G.

"Dr. Stewart, I have attended your class twice (2009 and 2011) at USMC Camp Pendleton.  The skills I learned in your classes have proven invaluable in my work and as a life tool. Your family is in my thoughts as you go though these troubles and I wish you all the best of luck." - Richard G.

"It upsets me that our government wants to deny a productive member of our society, yet allow illegals in and does nothing. I hope all this works out for you." - Sean N.

"Petition signed. So much for Pro-Family policy in USA." - Max R.

"I have signed your petition. I am appalled and embarrassed at your family's treatment." - Shelly P.

"I am disgusted with my government!  I have signed your petition and sent the link to other family members." - Allen H.

"I signed.  Good luck Bruce.  America depends on successful legal immigrants like you." - Kevin E.

"Consider it done, by me and my family. It repulses me that the U.S. keeps foreign criminals here and it's a travesty what they are putting you and your family through. I am no less than sickened to get this news from you. Keep fighting and I'm sure things will go your way and then you can stay forever." - Michelle M.

"I have signed your petition and am passing it on to friends....." - Debra C.

"Just signed the petition, Bruce.  Tweeted about it to my followers on twitter, too. Good luck!!  Keep us all posted." - Lynn D.

"I wholeheartedly support the Stewarts in their bid and private quest to stay in the USA. The work done by Dr Stewart, not only in the USA, but also internationally, is invaluable and he has proven not only his personal commitment but also his professional services to the United States of America. His family has, by their conduct - against all odds- pledged their allegiance to the USA and it will be really sad to have them not be allowed to stay in a country that has benefited so greatly from their residence." - Priscille F.