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To Congressman Lamar Smith from Mark Milhouse, USMC : I am a United States Marine Corps Special Intelligence Communicator, and I have recently been made aware of your reluctance to pass H.R.3505 allowing the Stewart family to stay in the United States.  Not only am I a lifelong American citizen, and devoted patriot, but I have also spent the past several years working with the Military Intelligence that keeps our beloved homeland safe.  I can tell you from experience that this is not a matter of principle or allegiance, it is strictly a matter of necessity. 
     Bruce is a gifted person and an incredible teacher, and from what I have seen, the skills that he provides the Intelligence Community are essential to our ability to effectively and efficiently perform our jobs.  Every day intelligence analysts are required to sort through an overbearing amount of material to find the information pertinent to the mission.  Without the skills Dr. Stewart teaches many details that could prove mission critical would very likely be lost in the mass of unread material.  There aren't many people in the world that can teach this skill as effectively as Dr. Stewart, and no other that has devoted their time to effectively translating this skill to practical government application. I sincerely hope that you will give this plea the consideration it deserves.
     We all understand the importance of adhering strictly to the immigration laws, as our economic stability and domestic security are under increasing duress from those who aren't abiding by the law.  We are, however, witnessing what can only be described as the failure of the system to recognize the importance and value of an individual, and the contributions he has made to our country's security.
     In September I will be moving to Texas to live, and I look forward to being a resident of your great state.  Thank you for your time and attention, and for your devotion to our nation, and have a nice day.

To Congressman Lamar Smith from R. Craig Miller, Attorney-at-Law : I am a practicing attorney in Charlotte, North Carolina.  I do not represent the Stewart family, but I know them well.  I have heard that you have had reservations about passing Private Bill H.R. 3505 to grant the Stewarts permanent residency in the US, and I respect the underlying reasons for your opinion.  However, I am gravely concerned that we are turning them away.  Except for having been victimized by the fraudulent and unlawful acts of an American posing as an immigration lawyer, they would never have found themselves in their present circumstances.  They deserve special consideration in their attempt to get back on a proper course to legal residency.
     The Stewarts are honest hard working taxpayers who have been here for a decade legally and are now told that they must give up everything and return to their home country, despite the facts that (1) they came here legally, (2) they have provided strategic services to our armed forces for years, and (3) they have made invaluable civic contributions to our community.  The Stewarts' contributions and benefits to this country are undeniable.  They are productive, well-educated, highly motivated, self-supporting and charitable people --- the sort that we should be encouraging to immigrate to the United States.  They are adding to our economy rather than burdening it, as is usually the case.  They speak English far better than most Americans and are quite familiar with our history and laws.  It would be a great shame on all of us to deny them residency, especially in light of the others we have allowed to enter the country illegally and who are a crushing weight on our hospitals, schools, and welfare systems.  All they are asking at the present is residency, not citizenship.  We do not want to lose people of their stature and many good qualities from our community.
     So please "do the right thing" and support Representative Sue Myrick by advancing H.R. 3505.  We pray that you will use your best efforts to see that it becomes law.  This is truly an exceptional case.  Thank you in advance for your immediate attention to this important matter.

To Congressman Lamar Smith from Dr Harold Markowitz, Jr., Lt. Col. USAF Ret : I understand your hesitancy about Private Bill H.R. 3505, to grant the Stewart family permanent residence in the US. There are not many such bills, and to succeed, the Stewart's would have to be both very deserving and not open to other remedies. They meet both criteria.
    My wife and I have come to know them well, as friends who easily fit into the American patterns of life and as people from another nation who now contribute to our community and our nation.  It is hard to believe that anyone would think of them as anything other than the most desirable of community members.
     In many ways, I see in the Stewart's as a model for some of the changes that are now inevitable in our system.  We have to find a way to attract the good and productive people from other lands, while preserving the core of American values -- willingness and ability to contribute, law-abiding and accepting of our standards and ideals.  That's who they are.
     It is within your power to move forward on this worthy issue, or to block it.  My strongest advice is that HR 3505 be acted upon, leading to their legal residency in America. We need people like Dianne and Bruce Stewart, as much as they need us. 

To Congressman Lamar Smith from Barry L. Brush, Capt. USAF Ret : I have known the Stewart's personally for over ten years. The wonderful contributions they have made to our country are legendary. The Value of the Stewart's contributions and benefit to the US are without question. They are undeniably an asset to our country. I would go further to say that those opposed to their noble efforts are themselves acting contrary to National interest. Should you be open, I would be glad to meet with you for further discussion at your convenience in your office in Washington, DC.
     As a prior resident of the Great State of Texas, I implore you to consider H.R. 3505 to be the highest representation of all that is good about The United States of America.

To Congressman Lamar Smith from Dr Lawrence Baxter, Professor of Law, Duke University : I understand that you have indicated reluctance to move forward the private bill to regularize the lawful residence of the Stewart family of Charlotte.  While it is right to be cautious in such an exceptional procedure, I would like to add my voice to the family's many supporters in urging you to support the bill in this particular case.
     I and my family have known the Stewart for a number of years, while we lived in Charlotte and since our move to Durham, NC.  They are a fine and upstanding family.  As an attorney and a business person I believe them to be exactly the kind of immigrants the United States needs right now.
     What is most important is that the Stewarts entered the US legally and have made every effort to remain in compliance with the law.  But for outright fraud perpetrated on them and, to be candid, some ensuing incompetent lawyering (none of which was any fault of the Stewarts--I have direct knowledge), they would already be citizens right now.  If, in the midst of all the demands for immigrants to follow the law, the Stewarts were to be denied assistance, essentially because the fraud and incompetence of US agents, not they, created this Kafkaesque situation, we would have a thoroughly unAmerican and hypocritical result.
     Please give this matter your direct personal attention.  I know from my own experience just how busy you must be.  But if there were ever a situation in which your action would be directly in the pursuit of justice and common sense, this is it.

To Congressman Lamar Smith from Dr Paul A. Nitsch, Queen University : I don't remember ever having written to a Congressman in all my 61 years.  But right now, there is a very important reason for me to do so, and it is because I know the Stewart family in Charlotte who have struggled with every possible legal alternative to affect a correction to a very unfair law.  I know you can help clean up this matter more than most anyone else.
     They are law abiding, tax payers who have been here for 10 years legally and now are being told that they have to give up everything and return to their home country, in spite of the fact that they provide a valuable service of intelligence training to our armed forces and have made an invaluable contribution to their community, our country, its military and its people.
     It's time that we start looking at the benefits that LEGAL immigrants bring to the country and start treating immigration as an inclusionary process rather than an exclusionary process. That is the AMERICAN way, what is at the very core of what has defined America from the beginning.
     The Stewarts contribution and benefit to the US are without question. Please will you do the RIGHT thing by immediately moving along H.R. 3505 so that it may be signed into law. This family has done everything by the book and yet they continue to be abused by the system. I would appreciate your immediate attention to this matter.

To Congressman Lamar Smith from Michael Steinberg : Please find it in your heart to move the Stewart's Bill (Private Bill H.R. 3505) to the "front burner" so that this family can stay legally in the United States without fear.
      While you and I enjoy the benefits of being "natural born citizens", the Stewarts have chosen this country to be their home and have been exemplary contributors to our local town and even service to their (desired) adopted country through their business, that serves the military.
      The rest of Washington is sending the message that an acceptable way to come to this country is illegally crossing the border and flying beneath the radar (hopefully not literally) until some type of amnesty is granted.  You have the unique ability to send an even stronger message that declares if you come here legally, work hard, participate in the culture and be a productive member of society we will embrace you.  Our COMMUNITY has embraced them! To date, the federal government has not!
      Please extend the blessings of liberty and prosperity to the Stewarts by utilizing the power of your office to advance Private Bill H.R. 3505 as soon as possible.  As I'm sure you can understand, the stress on this family is profound, and your act of kindness and justice would help reinvigor their hopes that the last ten years of their contribution to our country will be rewarded. 

To Congressman Lamar Smith from Haines & Dianne Maxwell : We have known Bruce and Dianne Stewart and their children for over ten years and can attest to the fact that these people are not only outstanding citizens on every conceivable level, but Dr. Stewart's occupation provides an essential component to our nation's security interests.
     The struggles of this family to undertake legitimate, LEGAL permanent residence  through proper channels is nothing short of a travesty, a glaring example of bureaucratic incompetence and has been an embarrassment to us as natural-born American citizens.  This nation is in short supply of educated, hard working, tax paying, law abiding, LEGAL immigrants and we see NO reason why this family should not be welcomed in this country,....PERMANENTLY!
     Again, we urge you Sir, to personally acquaint yourself with the Stewart's story, it will speak for itself.  Like your colleague, Congresswoman Sue Myrick, who felt COMPELLED to introduce North Carolina's FIRST Private Bill on their behalf, we feel certain that any reservations you may have, will be resoundingly eliminated.

From Bernie Hargadon : All of this stretches any definition I've ever heard of the word absurd. To boot, it is ugly, demeaning, and an embarrassment -- at least for some of us who consider ourselves American. To the Stewarts, I am so sorry that you have had to endure this ordeal....I can't imagine myself holding up as well as the four of you have.